Email Marketing

CRM and Acquisition Email Marketing Solutions

CRM and Acquisition email marketing campaigns for our Long Beach clients help them stay connected to customers. This is the most measurable digital medium and a staple for staying in touch with customers through CRM tools and reaching out to new customers for acquisition campaigns. Email is an extremely cost-effective tool, and we can help acquire a targeted email list if you do not yet have one.

Improved Marketing Outcomes begin with Conversations

Real Time

Email marketing with our Long Beach company yields data that is collected in real time to create strategic segments for a campaign effort. For example:

A prospect’s real-time action elicits a real-time response. As soon as action is taken, like a click on a “Learn More” button, relevant follow-up email communication is generated containing more information about your offer.

User types are detected in real-time, however, the response email is sent at a pre-determined time. This allows for refined messaging and offers based on certain criteria derived from data about the prospect and their action.


This Long Beach email marketing service enables consumers to easily contact your business via a one-step dialing process. Implementing click-to-call features in email ensure that prospects can take action immediately if desired. This is not for every campaign or client. National or Regional efforts may not have a single point of contact for a phone call, and some online business models do not include the staffing to manage incoming calls from advertising campaigns.


Mobile first is our mantra. Emails today are read on a mobile device 51% of the time. 75% of consumers use their Smartphone to sort emails before viewing on a computer. Email marketing campaigns must be designed and optimized for mobile because we know that if they are not they are deleted without being read. Worse yet, consumers take additional steps to unsubscribe when this happens.


Your email must be simple, clear, creative and have the appropriate calls to action in order to be effective. From the subject line through to landing page, creative needs to compel a consumer to take a specific action. Our Long Beach email marketing team has the tools and experience to help you draft the perfect message.

Consumers rate email as the #1 method for staying in touch with businesses.
Email is recognized as the most measurable digital medium.

Reach larger target audiences by supplementing existing in-house lists with our database of high-integrity double opt-in subscribers. Target audiences by demographics, geography, behaviors, and areas of interest. Benefit from our best-in-class advertising capabilities. Protect your brand and delivery reputation by using BLVD’s permission-based distribution platform, and integrate campaigns online display re-targeting, to influence and engage throughout the customer online journey.