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Responsive Web Design
Responsive website design from BLVD can make your message readable on any screen. As users switch from laptop to iPad to iPhone, the responsive website automatically accommodates the proper resolution and image sizes to fit the screen size. Our web design services help your business modernize and succeed.
Search Engine Optimization
BLVD’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services help in-market consumers find you through organic online searches. Grow your visibility organically through technical, on-page and content strategies used to improve rankings. As a result, gain more traffic and customers. We provide innovative SEO work for both Long Beach area and Nationally located clients.
Online Targeting
Use Targeted Online Display ads to find your audience on whatever online device they use, and when they are in-market for your product. We identify the best potential consumers, find more of them, and retarget visits.
CRM and Acquisition Email
Email marketing is the most measurable online method to stay connected to customers. Enhancing your relationship with current or previous customers, encourage loyalty and repeat business, acquire new customers or convince current customers to purchase.
mobile marketing
Mobile marketing reaches your audience wherever they are, and make their lives more convenient. 80% of consumers use smartphones. Mobile is disrupting the way people engage with brands. Think mobile first, as everything that is done on a desktop has to be available on mobile. The Long Beach mobile digital marketing team here at BLVD can help you reach a mobile audience effectively.
Social Marketing
Social marketing spreads the news about your product and brand and monitors the conversation. The power of social media is not in the ability of a brand to sell directly to a customer; it’s more to inspire a customer who made a purchase to talk about your brand and share with others.
Video Marketing
Video marketing tells your story. It attracts and improves online consumption of your content. Customer experience matters more than ever. Impactful and personalized video solutions are compelling and engaging experiences that delight customers.
About Us
We are a Southern California digital marketing agency that helps all types of businesses realize improved outcomes from their online marketing efforts. We do this with the strategic use of online and offline data resources, technology, and a focus on ROI. Before engaging with us, many of our clients either were not happy with their marketing outcomes or simply did not know if they were working. We can share how we have improved outcomes using digital campaigns, improved traffic to websites, and quantified improved marketing outcomes for our clients. Our Mantra 1. Data is King: use data and intelligence as the basis for strategy 2. Use technology to support measurable improvement 3. The King has no clothes without creative that communicates the message and stirs emotions We have over 20+ years of marketing experience helping major brands generate online marketing success. Think of Boulevard as your very own CMO, Strategic Planning, and Marketing Execution Team. We know digital marketing, website and landing page design, SEO, email marketing, online advertising, social advertising, Pay-Per-Click, video marketing and much more. Improved Marketing Outcomes begin with Conversations
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